In 2002, Chuck and his wife Sunnie founded the Spiritual Fitness Center in Richardson, Texas.  Hosting classes and Psychic Fairs, Chuck trained and encouraged some of the top Psychic Advisors in the DFW area. As an Ordained Minister in The International Metaphysical Ministry, Senior Minister at Spiritual Journeys, former Pastor of UNITY of Richardson, Chuck has conducted thousands of 

readings and ceremonies over the last two decades. 

Chuck's mission is to assist others in understanding and
learning how to 
develop their own natural Psychic
Abilities through his 
popular course, ZERO To Psychic
This workshop
 is part lecture and practice and live 

participation.  Chuck’s passion is to teach others to accept and
experience the Joy of finding their unique place in the Universe through living in the Flow of Divine Providence and the Love and Guidance of Spirit.

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About Your Teacher

Chuck Murphy bMsc I.M.M.

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Psychic Training Classes

I want to give a shout-out to Chuck Murphy for using volunteers to sit with his ZERO To Psychic class as they all did what I call "speed reading" for anyone who showed up last Sunday evening at Miracles of Joy in Lewisville, TX.

   Some of you may know that in November my sister's husband of 32 years passed away. She is doing really well considering she is re-defining her next part of her life. She is skeptical about if it is possible to connect with loved-ones after their death. Sunday offered me a chance to invite my sister to Chuck's event but understandably so she declined out of fear of not getting anything and how that would effect her.

   I told her I was going to go because I needed to do something to unwind and get away. My intention was to completely take off my psychic hat and be a client in support of the class and seek any information on what is coming up for my sister and how best I can be of service to her... no direct questions about her husband.

    One of the students unknowingly connected with my sister's husband and gave me a gift in the process. In your students effort to connect with my sister she picked up details about where they lived and said one word that let me know it was my sister's husband who gave her this information. Nobody but me and my sister's husband knew this word.

    So, thank you Chuck for teaching new students. Thank you to your new student for listening and delivering the information without interpretation. - God Bless, Debbie