Psychic Training Classes

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ZTP Private Classes

TWO Payments $150.00


ZERO To Psychic - East

ZTP Weekend Intensive

Sept 30th - Oct 1st

Prana Haven in Richardson

107 South McKinney St.

10 TO 6 Saturday - 11 TO 6 Sun

Bring a Lunch or Many Restaurants Nearby

ZTP Private Classes $300.00

ZERO To Psychic ONE on ONE Classes

Where: Spiritual Journeys in Savannah (380 and 1385)

When: Start Anytime

COST: $300.00 / 8 to 10 Class Sessions

  • Do you want to learn how to use your psychic skills?
  • Do you need assistance in "embracing" your psychic gifts?
  • Are you struggling with any fear about your gifts?
  • Do you want to “turn up the volume” on your psychic skills?
  • Personal "One on ONE" Attention!

You will participate and expand your skills in ways you never dreamed possible. Many ZTP Graduates are now professional readers. Whether you want to read at local events or you just want to have fun at parties, you will develop Psychic Skills you can use every day.
   Students practice many different types of Reading Skills and Disciplines so each participant will have the opportunity to see what areas interest them the most. All Students move at different speeds - we work with YOUR timing. Use the ability to practice with a true Master and expedite your learning process.

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