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ZTP Private Lessons $300

Psychic Training Classes

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ZERO To Psychic

"Basic" or "Mediumship" Classes

Don't have time to attend a workshop? Now you can learn at home in six to 10 2-Hour Sessions. Chuck can 
teach the ZTP Course via Skype or in person at his on home! LEARN how to develop your intuition and more:

  • Learn with a Master via one-on-one for psychic training and coaching

  • Create, enhance and improve your psychic skills

  • Great for graduates who want more coaching and assistance

  • Get expert assistance in "embracing" your psychic Gifts

Develop the techniques, best practices and skills you need to fully explore  and expand your psychic
abilities safely.  Participants will learn how to:

  • Practice and learn techniques that allow you to get in touch with your psychic Gifts.

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and gatekeepers.

  • See and use auric and Chakra information to achieve energy balance.

  • Meditation, prayer and relaxation techniques to help you on your Spiritual Journey.

  • Safely use Pendulums, Cards and Rods to clear or connect with Spirit.

You will also receive 8+ 2-Hour Sessions, one on one with Chuck.

Practice with a true Master and expedite your psychic learning process through these invaluable
one-on-one sessions. Training can be customized to meet your needs based on your skill level
and desires.

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*These sessions will be conducted in Little Elm, TX or via ZOOM; your choice. Training should be completed approx 10 to 12  weeks from start date.